Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sierra's Religion and Sexuality Project

Sierra from The Phoenix and the Olive Branch has just started a very interesting series about sexuality, structured around survey questions of participants who were influenced in some way by fundamentalism or Christian Patriarchy.  It's very encouraging to see that people who grew up with the strictest beliefs about sexuality are capable of becoming more accepting and open-minded as adults.  I was very happy to be able to participate in the series; I hope you'll read it along with me and add your voice to the conversation!

Sexuality Project: Sierra's Introduction to the Project

Sexuality Project: The Participants' Introductions

Sex Education and the Body, Q. 1--feelings and attitudes toward your own body

Sex Education and the Body, Q. 2--dealing with puberty

Sex Education and the Body, Q. 3, 4, 5--sex education received from family, church, and reading

Sex Education and the Body, Q. 6--first time hearing about LGBTQ identities

Sex Education and the Body, Q. 7--teachings about LGBTQ identities

Peer Group, Q. 1--identifying as or meeting an LGBTQ person while growing up

Peer Group, Q. 2--the effects of the purity culture on your beliefs about sexuality

Peer Group, Q. 3--beliefs about non-fundamentalists' attitudes about sex

Peer Group, Q. 4--experiencing peer pressure about sexuality and purity

Romantic Relationships, Q. 1--expectations of a romantic relationship vs. reality

Romantic Relationships, Q. 2--how beliefs changed due to experience

Romantic Relationships, Q. 3--fundamentalist influence on sexual identity and sexual experiences

Romantic Relationships, Q. 4--(not applicable because no participants are single)

Romantic Relationships, Q. 5--any remaining beliefs about relationships from fundamentalism

Questioning, Q. 1--the timing and reasons for rethinking beliefs about sexuality

Questioning, Q. 2--the response of fundamentalist friends/family/church to questions

Questioning, Q. 3--the influence of media in changing opinions about sexuality

Questioning, Q. 4, 5--coming out as gay or pro-gay to fundamentalist family and friends

Life Outside the Bubble, Q. 1--relationships with family and friends now

Life Outside the Bubble, Q.2--strategies for dealing with fundamentalist friends and family

Life Outside the Bubble, Q. 3--current sources of support

Life Outside the Bubble, Q. 4--teaching your kids about sexuality

Life Outside the Bubble, Q. 5--telling your younger self about life outside the bubble

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